Modelling software

MATLAB model of the auditory periphery (MAP)The computer model of the auditory periphery (MAP) is available free of charge for download as a package. The package contains MATLAB computer code but also extensive documentation containing tutorials and technical details. The MAP software is stable, relatively bug-free and is supported but is not being developed further.

Figure 1. MAP. Example response to speech input

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All software for modelling the auditory periphery has been written in MATLAB code.  If you need help to use the code, please contact the author at We are keen that the code should be generally useful and will give assistance and explanations to researchers wanting to use the code for their own purposes. Do get in touch.
There is no copyright and no fees apply. Also, the author accepts no responsibility for any consequences that arise from the use of the code.
The packages feature ready-made test programs to show the model in operation. A substantial manual is provided to assist programmers who wish to use the code for their own projects.
Model of the auditory periphery and auditory brainstem (MAP_BS) Ongoing research is focussed on extending the modelling work into the brainstem (MAP_BS). This software can also be downloaded from here. It is less well documented but runs from a graphical user interface (GUI) with a number of point and click demonstrations. A 40-page tutorial-style introduction is, however included in the package.

MAP_BS GUI                              Brainstem simulation cell raster plot

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DSAM Earlier the models were generated using C-code. Essex no longer supports this but Lowel O’Mard (the original author) continues to support this at