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Administration Offices

Lesley, Sarah and Laura provide front line assistance to students and handle sensitive confidential information, so please do not stand behind their desks unless you are invited to do so. They also help academic staff by: • Photocopying handouts and module outlines for students. Please supply these electronically if possible and give a minimum of two working days notice - more is appreciated. You can collect the hard copies prior to your lecture from the post room. • Providing lists of students registered on modules. • Providing you with information regarding students requiring extra time for exams or special teaching techniques. • Providing transcripts when you receive reference requests. • Responding to attendance data for teaching events. • Overseeing the submission and handing back of coursework. You have the option of occasionally/habitually marking coursework online if you wish. This has the advantages of legibility for students and being able to mark coursework remotely, as well as reducing printing. To switch this facility on please contact the Learning Technology Team (ltt@essex.ac.uk). Do remind them that we practice anonymous marking and so you should not have access to student names. If you intend to mark work online please let the relevant administrator know in advance. All other coursework will be printed off automatically, ready for you to collect from the office. • Collecting and handing back exam marking.