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Technical Resources

Shared Drive

The shared drive is designed to facilitate sharing of information and documents. There are three areas – Admin Only, Tech and Permanent Staff. The Permanent Staff area is read only. Those members of academic staff with administrative roles are welcome to develop folders in their area to facilitate working. You will also find key information such as marking procedures, ethics application forms and finance information. To get access to the shared drive the Chief Technician must first set this up for you. This is very likely already to have been done. Then follow these instructions:

Mac:- Finder; Go menu; Connect to server; type:- smb://sernt2/psyadmin$; use “+” to save; connect PC:- Windows Explorer; Tools menu; Map network drive; type:-
\\sernt2\psyadmin$; tick reconnect at startup; mount. Note:- direction of the slashes for Mac and PC!